This was Nor-Fishing 2022 – highlights from the exhibition

This was Nor-Fishing 2022 – highlights from the exhibition

26. August 2022  ·  Ukategorisert

It’s been four years since the last ordinary Nor-Fishing exhibition in Trondheim. Therefore, the joy of finally meeting again was soaring this year. However, Nor-Fishing 2022 was not completely ordinary – this year’s event, for the first time, included an extra element: Nor-Fishing Digital.

Managing director of the Nor-Fishing Foundation, Kristian Digre, and exhibition manager Kari Steinsbø, summarize Nor-Fishing 2022.

There are two things that sum up this year’s Nor-Fishing. Firstly, the atmosphere has been fantastic across the board. The sun has shone, the mood has been high and the commitment great. Secondly, the exhibitors report great success on the business side, with many signed contracts and agreements. It has been a great week, for “business and pleasure” alike.

Nor-Fishing Digital 2022

With Arne Hjeltnes at the helm, viewers have followed major events take place at Trondheim Spektrum, watched debates, visited exhibitors, and made new international contacts through Nor-Fishing Digital. The digital extension of the exhibition has been well received, with four thousand viewers throughout the week.

Nor-Fishing Digital will remain open until July 2023, so you can watch the highlights again and again – and use the platform to stay in touch with your network.

A red (green) tread

A recurring theme throughout the exhibition’s four days was sustainability and the green shift in the fishing industry – from Mørenot’s donation to Ocean Cleanup and the children and youth event Nor-Fishing Youth, which highlighted the sea as a resource in the future, to the presentations at the professional conference.

As the industry’s most important meeting place, Nor-Fishing is a facilitator for the fishing industry to carry out the green shift. Fishermen, suppliers, politicians, and researchers – they are all here. Everyone shares opportunities, innovation and technology that contribute to a sustainable industry – all in one place, says Steinsbø.

A fair for all age groups

Nor-Fishing should not only be a place for technology, business, and professions. The exhibition aims to create pride throughout the fishing industry, as one of Norway’s leading sources of income. Therefore, this year, a Nor-Fishing event tailored to children and youths has been organized for the first time.

Almost a thousand children took part in the children’s and youth event, where Nor-Fishing and its partners invited to a full sensory experience. The children have been able to smell, taste and feel different species from the sea. And as an added bonus, H.M. Queen Sonja took the time to greet the children.


On Monday, the professional conference “More food from the oceans – with fisheries into the green shift” was organized physically for the first time. The Foundation was very happy with the turnout, a skilled and engaged audience, and the insightful lectures from the lecturers.


H.M. Queen Sonja opened Nor-Fishing 2022 to great cheers from the audience. After cutting the ribbon, the Queen made her way around the exhibition visiting several stands. Afterwards, she made her way to the Nor-Fishing for the Youth-exhibition, where she visited children who learned about the treasures of the sea. The winner of the Innovation Award was announced, the various pavilions had their official openings with speeches and catering and the traditional festive dinner went off with a bang in the evening.


On the second day of the exhibition, great excitement was attached to the magnificent visit from master chef Davy Tissot, who served exquisite seafood in the Conference Hall. The exhibitors presented highly innovative innovations at the stands, and an important debate on equality in the industry was held – right after an historic contract was signed, with the aim of combating sexual harassment. On Nor-Fishing Digital, the viewers had a fun visit from Sig Hansen, known from the television program Deadliest Catch. The day was rounded off with delicious “street food” at the evening’s informal party.


On Thursday, the award for the Best Stand was awarded to Ranheim Paper & Board, for their excellent stand built out of recycled materials. Mørenot started a big fundraiser for Ocean Cleanup and the Directorate of Fisheries served us our daily bowl of their lovely fish soup – while the outdoor dining area drew many people out into the sun.


As you know, Friday is Student Day, and hundreds of sharp minds made the trip to Nor-Fishing to get to know the industry and potential careers. This year we have also organized an innovation competition for talented students, who have worked on a case during the exhibition days. The winner was awarded NOK 10,000.

Thank you so much, for another fantastic Nor-Fishing fair, to all participants, exhibitors, partners and viewers!