Announced contract for innovative service vessel at Nor-Fishing

Announced contract for innovative service vessel at Nor-Fishing

23. August 2022  ·  Ukategorisert

Finnsnes Dykk & Anlegg (FDA) has contracted a new hybrid service vessel from FMV. The vessel will have a battery pack and hybrid shaft generator installed. This solution will significantly reduce the diesel engines’ operating time. The vessel must be equipped with an electric deck package and winches.

The vessel is equipped with powerful cranes and winches – and the winch charges the vessel’s batteries during operation. A large battery pack means that the vessel can charge on the way out to a job, and then, for example, lie at a fish cage for a whole day without using the diesel engine.

See interview with Finnsnes Dykk & Anlegg and Fitjar Mekaniske Verft here:

Information about the vessel:

  • The new vessel will have the dimensions 34.0 x 12.6 x 4.6 m, and will be furnished for up to 7 people
  • Deck area: 215 m2.
  • Gross tonnage: 499 GRT
  • Class notation: DNV +1A1 Battery (Power)
  • Battery-hybrid engine configuration with main engine 1370 bkW, and aux 950 ekW.
  • Battery pack: 1445 kWh.
  • Deck equipment: Cranes: 1 x PFM 4500 (330 tm), 2 x PK150002 (104 tm)
  • Winches: Double anchor handling winches of 40 and 80 tonnes.
  • Performance: Speed: over 13.0 knots.
  • Bollard pull: 40 tonnes