About the exhibition

Since 1960, Nor-Fishing has been an important national and international meeting place for the fisheries industry. Today it is one of the largest fisheries technology exhibitions in the world. In recent years, the exhibition has drawn around 15 000 visitors from more than 50 countries. Innovations of importance to all sectors of the industry are presented here.

The fisheries industry has developed tremendously over the past fifty years, and technology, processes and services related to fishing, processing, transport and marketing have undergone an incredible development. All the major fishing nations are present either as exhibitors, visitors or in official delegations.

The latest innovations in fisheries technology

Modern fisheries is today a knowledge industry with very advanced technology. This is true within all sectors: electronics, vessel design, gear development, on-board handling and in the production of value-added products. The very latest developments and technological innovations are presented at Nor-Fishing.


Trondheim has an attractive waterfront with harbour facilities. Skansen, which is only a 5 minute walk from the exhibition halls, offers the possibility of exhibiting floating equipment and vessels in their right element.

Important meeting place

More than 500 suppliers of technology have been represented at each of the last Nor-Fishing exhibitions.

The exhibitors all emphasize the importance of Nor-Fishing as a forum for meeting others in the industry, peers, decision makers as well as procurement officers from the fisheries industry in Norway and other important fishing nations. Many also mention the good, informal contacts that are established, and the positive atmosphere during the exhibition. Don`t miss this opportunity to meet suppliers, buyers and colleagues from all over the world!