Practical information for exhibitors

Delivery of goods

Please send goods to Nor-Fishing via terminal to improve the flow of goods to the exhibition. There is limited space for unloading goods in the exhibition area. Larger lots and full trailers are unloaded directly at the exhibition grounds.

We ask that you contact our forwarder B. Iversen, to coordinate shipments to / from the exhibition:

Delivery adress:

Exhibitor’s name and stand number + Nor-Fishing 2024
C/O B. Iversen Spedisjon AS
Heggstadmoen 47
7080 HEIMDAL, Norway
Tel: +47 950 22 406 / +47 73 80 24 00

Direct delivery of the exhibition area by larger parties and full trailers
NB! Remember to order slot-time!

Exhibitor’s name and the stand number + Nor-Fishing 2024
c/o Trondheim Spektrum
Klostergata 90
7030 Trondheim
Tel: +47 950 22 400 / +47 73 80 24 00

Trailers and vehicles that will have access to the exhibition area need access certificates and “slot-time” for unloading / loading. Please order this at

Profiling packages

Increase your exposure at the exhibition area with profile packages. Choose between these three pacages:

Package 1

Information screens in the entrance hall (10 info screens with varying sizes)

We have several information screens in the entrance hall. Seize the opportunity to enhance your visibility in these high trafficked spots.

  • Package 1 includes 10 views of 5 seconds each hour, between 9am – 5pm, Tuesday-Thursday during the exhibition.
    Price: NOK 15 000 e.x. VAT

Package 2

Fence profiling at the entrances to Trondheim Spektrum

We have several fences along the entrances to the exhibition. The fences are 1,8 meters tall, and have a width of 3,5 meters. Here you can attract attention from the diverse crowd entering and moving through the entrance areas. 

  • Package 2 includes profiling on one side of the fence.
    Price: NOK 10 000 e.x. VAT for each fence.

Package 3

  • Package 3 includes profiling on both sides of the fence.
    Price: NOK 15 000 e.x. VAT for each fence.

Orders must be placed before August 9

Interested in our profiling packages? Log into the exhibitor portal and order.

Ordering of exhibition material

Our sub-contractors will help you to get the most out of your Nor-Fishing 2024 participation. Exhibitors can log in and order equipment here. Username and password to the portal has been sent to the exhibitors registered contact person.

Deadline for ordering material is May 15th.
Orders placed after May 15th will be charged a 25% surcharge on the current price.

Admission cards for exhibitors and free invitations

Admission cards and invitations: Fill in the form with the required information:

Check for exhibitor under role.

Select your company in the choose exhibitor list.

After completing the registration, you will receive an email with your ticket. Return to the front page and sign in to “my page” to send out invitations to customers, register stand personnel and buy tickets for various evening events and conferences.

Each exhibitor receives 50 invitations and sub-exhibitors receive 10 invitations. These are free.

Everyone who is to attend the exhibition from your company must be registered under stand personnel or register themselves as described.

Tickets for Evening Events

The evening events are great arenas for networking. On Tuesday the 20th of August, we invite you to the traditional Gala Evening and on Wednesday the 21th of August you can spend the evening with colleagues and contacts at the more informal Street Food & Mingle Party.

Read more about the Gala Evening here

Read more about Street Food & Mingle Party here

Buy your tickets for the dinners here. If you have registered, log in through MyPage and order the dinner tickets.

Opening hours – Admission to the exhibiton

  • Tuesday August 20nd           10am – 5pm
  • Wednesday August 21nd      10am – 5pm
  • Thursday August 22nd          10am – 5pm

Exhibitors have access to the exhibition area from 9am and must leave the arena at 5.30pm.

Assembly times

Assembly times for external stand builders:
Monday August 12th – Sunday August 19th    between 8:00am – 8:00pm

All rough construction must be finished by 8pm on the 19th of August.

The exhibition hall is open Sunday August 18th and can be used for “finer work” such as profiling, decorating the stand etc.

Assembly times for exhibitors:

  • Saturday August 17th           8am – 8pm
  • Sunday August 18th             8am – 8pm
  • Monday August 19th             8am – 6pm

Assembly activities must end Thursday at 6pm due to cleaning of all exhibition halls.

Dismantling times

Dismantling of the stand can start Thursday August 22th  5pm. All return transport must be appointed with our forwarder B. Iversen!

  • Thursday 22nd of August: 5pm – 10pm
  • Friday 23nd of August: 8am – 10pm
  • Saturday 24th of August: 9am – 10pm
  • Sunday 25th of August: 9am – 12pm

All stands and Skansen must be cleared no later than Sunday the 25th of August at 12pm.

Cleaning of stand

All stands are vacuumed every night and emptied of trash.

Coffee for the stand


Food services and catering

Information about the food services will come.

Conference- and meeting rooms

We offer a wide variety of meeting rooms and conference halls – everything from simple meeting rooms for six people, to large conference halls with room for over 100 people.

Read more about conference- and meeting rooms here.

Conference- and meeting room booking can be made in the exhibitor portal.


There will be a taxi stop at the exhibition area in Trondheim Spektrum.


There are no parking spaces on the exhibition area. There are several parking garages in the city centre. See for availability.


A free shuttle-bus will transport visitors from selected hotels to and from the exhibition area every day. More information will come.