Frequently asked questions about accommodation at Nor-Fishing

What is the hotel capacity in the Trondheim area?
In 2024 the hotel capacity in Trondheim is 4,600 hotel rooms/8,000 beds, and will increase by additional 200 hotel rooms from August 2024. Two new, large hotels are planned to be built in Trondheim in the next few years, which will further increase capacity. In addition to hotels, there are many other accommodation options through platforms such as Airbnb, Finn and Booking. During Aqua Nor in 2023, there were over 300 available accommodation options on Airbnb during the exhibition period.

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Do travel agencies or the Nor-Fishing Foundation have a monopoly on hotel rooms in the Trondheim area?
To ensure accommodation for exhibitors and visitors, the Nor-Fishing Foundation, hereby referred to as NF, has allocated large parts of the hotel rooms at partner hotels. By doing this, we avoid hotel rooms being left empty, and at the same time we ensure that the hotel capacity in the region is utilized in an optimal way.

Note: hotels that do not have an agreement with the NF operate in some cases with a minimum number of nights. The same can apply to rooms that NF not have allocated to other actors.

Why does NF allocate hotel rooms?
This is done to ensure that both exhibitors and visitors get the opportunity to book hotel rooms. Otherwise, large national and international agencies would book the rooms and resold them at a much higher price. Today’s solution guarantees all exhibitors who have booked their stand before January 2024 x-number of hotel rooms.

How are the allocated hotel rooms distributed?
For exhibitors the rooms are distributed according to stand size. See table below.

Who decides the hotel prices?
The hotels set the prices for their hotel rooms. In general, hotel prices in Norway and internationally are reflected in the market demand. Price fixing is illegal.

What is the average price of the hotel rooms during the Nor-Fishing exhibition?
The average price of a hotel room was NOK 3,200 during Aqua Nor in Trondheim in August 2023. This is not a higher price level than comparable exhibition periods in other cities.

When does the booking of hotel rooms for the exhibition start?
Booking of hotel rooms opens in mid-January 2024 for exhibitors. The exact date will be communicated in our channels and in our newsletter well ahead before booking opens. Through platforms such as Airbnb, Finn and Booking you can book accommodation all year round.

What is the alternative to hotel rooms in the Trondheim area?
The private rental market is well established in Trondheim and this option is very popular for exhibitors and visitors to the Nor-Fishing exhibition. Airbnb is very often a preferred online platform to find accommodation .

Here you can see available accommodations on Airbnb in the Trondheim area.

The exhibition takes place in the heart of Trondheim and there are many private apartments and houses available close to the exhibitions area. Explore popular, suburban areas such as Byåsen, Lade and Ranheim with good bus connections to central Trondheim.

See map of Trondheim here

Does the NF profit from the sale of hotel rooms during the Nor-Fishing exhibition?
In the period from January to March NF distributes the hotel rooms that we have been allocated .
The travel agency G-Travel assists with this job. NF does not profit from the provision of hotel rooms, and only covers the costs of the job and hired resources.

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