— The Innovation Award has given positive progress in the Fishing Industry

— The Innovation Award has given positive progress in the Fishing Industry

19. April 2024  ·  Ukategorisert

The 2024 Innovation Award seeks to honor a project that has made a significant impact on innovation and progress within the fishing industry. As the application deadline approaches, the previous recipient of the award encourages others to apply.

During the Nor-Fishing 2022 opening, Ulstein Design & Solutions AS and seafood company Bluewild AS, received the Innovation Award for their vessel, ECOFIVE.

— The project was a result of the collaborative efforts of many skilled individuals. Proficiency in various technologies played a crucial role in achieving a distinct and pioneering result. Receiving the Innovation Award reaffirmed that we are on the right path, says Bjørnar Leonard Hatløy, ship designer at Ulstein Design & Solutions AS.

The development of the vessel ECOFIVE began in 2019 with the aim of designing a fishing vessel that encompasses every stage of the value chain.  

— By collaborationg closely with various suppliers, we identified the bottlenecks in the value chain, laying the foundation for the product, notes Hatløy.

Boosting interest

According to Hatløy, the Innovation Award has contributed to positive progress and recognition for ECOFIVE.

— The Innovation Award carries significant weight and garners attention in the market and industry. Including the award on one’s CV proves to be highly beneficial for meetings with investment promotion agencies and equipment manufacturers, says Hatløy.

—  We’ve observed that stakeholders reach out to exchange ideas on how the project can be utilized in alternative contexts to broaden its impact.

Adapting Classic Technology for Modern Tasks

The objective of the ECOFIVE project is a substantial reduction in consumption and the maximization of catch utilization. Additionally, the system must ensure the highest possible quality of the final product and maintain good fish welfare. Technologies from well boats, the agricultultural industry, and aquaculture have contributed to the achievement of the ECOFIVE project’s goals.

According to project manager Terje Aaker at Ulstein Design & Solutions, prioritizing the quality of every aspect of the catch for human consumption, is crucial.

— We secured a patent for the innovative capture system. By utilizing well boat technology, the catch is brought on board without needing to be lifted from the sea. This saves both the catch and the equipment from stress. Well boat technology is implemented to maintain excellent conditions for the catch during transit, ensuring it is prepared for producing a consumer product of the utmost quality, he explains.

Substantial fuel reductions

A combination of factors contributes to the vessel’s substantial savings on its operations.

— By merging the advantages of diesel-electric and diesel-mechanical propulsion, the hybrid power and propulsion system is bolstered by a sizable battery pack. The combination of two large propellers with rudder nozzles not only improves maneuverability and towing strength, but also reduces energy wastage when the rudder is turned.

— The surplus energy sent back by the winches is stored in the battery pack, and any excess heat produced by the engines is recovered and applied in relevant locations on the vessel, clarifies Aaker.

According to Aaker, the groundbreaking solutions will also help to reduce fuel costs and emissions of greenhouse gases.

— Fuel savings of at least 25 % per kilogram of fish product produced, are estimated compared to a conventional power system. In some operations, the savings can reach approximately 40 %.

The final deadline to apply for the Innovation Award is May 15th, 2024.