The world’s first crab trawl with moonpool

The world’s first crab trawl with moonpool

10. August 2022  ·  Ukategorisert

The vessel from Ervik Havfiske AS and Marin Teknikk AS is the first of its kind. With a built-in moonpool and a new haul system, the fishing vessel will help facilitate more efficient operations and safer working conditions for the fishermen. The project will be revealed in its entirety during this year’s Nor-Fishing.

Nominated for the Innovation Award 2022

For the development of the vessel, Ervik Havfiske AS and Marin Teknikk AS have been nominated for this year’s Innovation Award, which is awarded during Nor-Fishing 2022.

Unveiled during Nor-Fishing 2022

Ervik Havfiske doesn’t want to reveal all the details yet – but promises an exciting unveiling of the new vessel during the fair.

— We’ve been quite secretive of the project thus far, although, a lot of people have probably realized that it’s a slightly unusual crab trawl. Either way, the project will be revealed in its entirety during Nor-Fishing, promisesRobert Ervik, general manager of Ervik Havfiske AS.

Visit the stand: Ervik Havfiske and Marin Teknikk are located at stand D-378 and A-176, and at Nor-Fishing Digital during this year’s Nor-Fishing fair.

Robert Ervik, CEO at Ervik Havfiske AS.

This is the big innovation

The big innovation on the trawler is a built-in moonpool. It should make crab fishing gentler – and more efficient.

— The new haul system makes it possible to pull up all the traps in the middle of the ship, through the moonpool. Imagine pulling traps with four walls around you, little to no wind, pleasant temperatures, and no ice on the side scratching the lines or ropes, says Ervik proudly, before elaborating:

— The moonpool itself is not a new concept, but using it for crab fishing is completely new. In addition, the hull of the boat is designed to better withstand the ice in the northern regions.

By giving existing technology new life, the two companies hope to contribute to a more sustainable and gentle catch.

— As a debutant in a large, established market, we are very humble. Nevertheless, we hope to inspire others and to contribute to the development of our industry, helping it move forward. If we manage to do this, we can change the entire industry.

Safer working environment and more efficient catching

The moonpool makes it safer for the fishermen to work, because the traps can be pulled indoors. However, it also allows the ship to fish further north.

— Working indoors on a sturdier boat means fishing can take place in even colder areas over a longer period. Since the crab is pulled up through the moonpool, contact with the cold air is avoided. This is important, because the crab doesn’t like the cold air, explains Ervik.

The vessel also contains a research laboratory, where, among other things, research on snow crabs will be conducted.

— We want to make use of the available resources whilst fishing in the far north – so why not do a little research at the same time? The new vessel facilitates fishing and research on the same boat, rather than sending two boats. We also want to offer apprenticeships on board the boat – so that the next generation of fishermen can take part in this exciting development.

Richard Gjerde and Svein-Rune Gjerde at Marin Teknikk AS.

The jury’s conclusion

Secretary for the jury of the Innovation Award 2022, Odd Berg, is very curious about the project and find it exciting that someone dares to think outside of the established norms.

— Crab fishing is rough and dangerous work – there’s no doubt about that. That Ervik Havfiske and Marin Teknikk have developed a vessel that make this work less dangerous, is very important. By using the moonpool, the vessel also contributes to a more sustainable catch, that spares the female crab to a greater extent.

— Companies that dare to think a head and explore new territories are important for the industry. We like companies that exploit the potential of technology and use it to further develop established practices. We look forward to following Ervik Havfiske and Marin Teknikk on their journey, and wish them the best of luck, says Berg.

Odd Berg, Secretary for the jury of the Innovation Award.

Stand D-378 and A-176: Join the unveiling of the vessel

Marin Teknikk AS has designed the vessel, which is now being built by Tersan Shipyard in Turkey. The vessel will be operating from January 1st, 2024.

This means the vessel cannot be seen on the water yet, but Ervik Havfiske AS and Marin Teknikk AS are unveiling a model of the vessel during Nor-Fishing. The model is a full 1.8 meters long and gives a complete impression of what the crab trawler will look like.

— We are looking forward to finally showing off the entire project, and are excited for the response and feedback, concludes Ervik.

The unveiling of the vessel takes place Tuesday August 23rd at 2pm, at stand D-378.