You can win the Innovation Award 2022 of NOK 100,000!

You can win the Innovation Award 2022 of NOK 100,000!

11. January 2022  ·  Ukategorisert

Send us your application today!

Who can apply?

Companies from Norway and abroad that supply equipment or services to the fishing industry are invited to apply for the Innovation Award. Individuals in and outside the fishing industry are also welcome to apply. The prize of NOK 100,000 is awarded to the winner with the best innovative product or service for the industry.

In this way, the Nor-Fishing Foundation wants to stimulate R&D in companies and among individuals. Research institutions can therefore not be applicants for the Innovation Award. The company or individual still has the opportunity to collaborate with the research community to perform the necessary laboratory tests or similar.

Applied projects must have innovation that brings the industry or parts of it forward and that can provide significant benefits for the environment and sustainability, fish and sea, fish health, safety for crew, facilities and vessels, and gains in economics, efficient operations and market development.

Application requirements

The project on which the application is based must be owned by the applicant.

The last deadline for applying for the Innovation Award is 15 May 2022, but we would like you to send us your application well in advance of the deadline.

The application must include:

  1. Applicant’s name / company name, address, e-mail address, web address, telephone number and contact person
  2. Brief description of the applicant’s / company’s activities
  3. Description and best possible documentation of the project, product, process or service. Particular emphasis must be placed on the innovation aspects of the product / service.
  4. Documentation of expected effect / results and market for applied for project / service.
  5. NB! There is no separate form for applications.

Send your application to:
Mark your e-mail with Nor-Fishing Innovation Award 2022

If you have questions in connection with your application, please contact:
Secretary of the Jury, Mr. Odd Berg | +47 901 19 942.

The winner of the Innovation Award 2022 will be announced at Nor-Fishing on 23 August

Everything is now ready for a physical event in Trondheim 23-26. August 2022, and the award ceremony will be during the opening ceremony. The presentation will be streamed and can also be followed on Nor-Fishing’s digital platform.

Previous winners of the Nor-Fishing Foundation Innovation Award have stated that the Award has been an important inspiration for motivation and R&D in companies and among entrepreneurs, and last but not least, as a reference in marketing and sales to important fishing nations.


If you who are applying for the Innovation Award have plans to apply, or have applied for patent protection for your invention, it is crucial in order to get the patent application approved that the technology / project has not been published publicly in advance. Examples of such publication include publication at trade fairs, in conferences, in magazines or the like. Otherwise see the Norwegian Patent Office’s website.

In June, the Nor-Fishing Foundation will send out a press release with the names of the three finalists and a brief overview of their subject areas for the projects applied for. The press release is approved in advance by the final candidates and will, if necessary, also be cleared with the Norwegian Patent Office.