Many followed Nor-Fishing Digital 2020

Many followed Nor-Fishing Digital 2020

28. August 2020  ·  Ukategorisert

The first digital Nor-Fishing in history has now been completed. Thousands of participants attended the event when it was streamed live – and we have received a long list of positive feedback that we greatly appreciate.

— First and foremost, we would like to thank all the exhibitors and participants who recreated the industry’s most important meeting place in a digital format. We are also proud of the team that has been responsible for the implementation of this event, says general manager of the Nor-Fishing Foundation, Kristian Digre.

The event is now available as a video recording on our website – and you can stream it for free at any time. Less than a week after the exhibition was held, over a thousand viewers had already seen the video recordings of the event.

1 out of 10 booked a meeting

The Nor-Fishing exhibition is and will be an important marketplace for today’s and tomorrow’s technology in the fisheries industry. It is therefore gratifying that so many chose to hold meetings during the trade fair days. The statistics show that every tenth person who visited the event arranged a meeting with an exhibitor, and in addition that each visitor spent on average more than 40 minutes logged on to the digital show.

Number of visitors

The event had a total of 11,000 visits  from 46 countries during the three days it lasted. In addition, 15% of the visitors report that they saw the event together with several others – so we estimate the real number of viewers to be over 15,000 viewers in total. We must also praise the many exhibitors who had created interesting digital entries in the exhibition catalogue. Some had hundreds of visitors visit their «digital stand», and the average time visitors spent at the stands was 2 minutes.

The visitors came from a total of 46 countries, while the most represented countries besides Norway were Denmark, Sweden, Great Britain, Spain and Germany.

The exhibitors

The visitors looked around in the exhibition catalogue and followed the live stream from Clarion Hotel in Trondheim. In the exhibition catalogue, 222 exhibitors from 16 countries were represented – while there were seven exhibitors who had studio time in the live stream, and ten exhibitors who ran video commercials during the broadcast.

This is what the visitors say

Following the event, we have received a number of unsolicited comments – here are excerpts from some of these:

“Very professional digital trade fair with interesting lectures and professional discussions. Nor-Fishing 2020 is of high quality compared to similar digital fairs and will be noticed far beyond Norway’s borders.” 

«This has been well received by everyone I have received feedback from. The professional communities have greatly appreciated this.»

“Very good event that will be a model. Hopefully you will make the videos available.”

“I am impressed of the digital exhibition, how it worked, good topics and easy to follow every day. Congratulations!”

“Thank you Nor-Fishing, great event!”

“Thank you for the amazing efforts and the nice result! We look forward to next year’s hybrid solution!”

“Many thanks for an impressive digital exhibition!”

Thank you for all the feedback

— We really appreciate that so many have taken the time to give us feedback on the event. This further motivates us towards next year’s Aqua Nor, which will be a hybrid event with both a digital and a physical exhibition – and of course towards Nor-Fishing 2022, Digre concludes on behalf of the team in the Nor-Fishing Foundation.

Remember – you can see the whole exhibition free of charge on our web page >