Nor-Fishing 2020 Digital 18 – 20 August

Nor-Fishing 2020 Digital 18 – 20 August

11. June 2020  ·  Ukategorisert

For a long time, we have had a vision of organizing a digital event – as an addition to the traditional exhibition. The recent situation has accelerated the work of launching Nor-Fishing Digital – and it is with pride and eagerness that we announce that Nor-Fishing 2020 is going digital!

About Nor-Fishing 2020 Digital

With Nor-Fishing 2020 Digital we will set the standard for digital fairs. We want to give visitors a truly unique viewing experience – and we will facilitate the interaction between exhibitors and viewers – as it should be during a trade show.

For those of you “visiting” the exhibition, this will be like watching a live TV show. We will set up a studio with a host – and alternate between exciting reports and guests in the studio. Norwegian TV personality (and active seafood trader) Arne Hjeltnes will escort us through the exhibition days.

In addition to being able to follow the live stream directly, the entire fair will be posted on our website so you can view the content at a time that suits you. The digital fair will thus live on after the event is over. Following Nor-Fishing 2020 Digital is completely free of charge for viewers.

The digital event will last for 3 days during the Nor-Fishing week, tuesday 18 – thursday 20 August. A detailed program will be announced in advance so you can pick the program highlights you want to follow before the live streaming starts.

The industry’s most important meeting place – digitally!

The exhibition is a very important international meeting point for members of the fisheries sector, and an important arena for presenting new technology to the industry. Nor-Fishing 2020 Digital will re-create the physical marketplace that Nor-Fishing represents, in a new and exciting format. Exhibitors will be be able to be presented with new technology, have a dialogue with customers through the chat function – and arrange their own digital meetings with other viewers. This will be an arena for presentations, dialogue and trade between exhibitors and visitors.

Exhibitors’ contributions can be in the form of a movie or they can buy studio time where a representative from the company is interviewed by the program host. Details about this will be sent directly to our exhibitors.

Positive response from exhibitors

We have already checked the interest in the new digital meeting place among several of our largest exhibitors, and have a received positive response. In the weeks ahead we will contact all our exhibitors to find out who is interested in participating.

The professional program will be published continuously on our website up until Nor-Fishing week.

Active marketing

We know that the value for exhibitors and visitors lies in the opportunity for these two groups to meet. To ensure that the new Nor-Fishing 2020 Digital marketplace becomes valuable to you, we will actively promote the event to make it known and attract as many viewers as possible. Our goal is a broad coverage, nationally and internationally, and we notice great interest in the plans for a digital exhibition.

60-year anniversary and a digital debut

Nor-Fishing is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year – which made it extra sad to face cancellation for the first and only time in the exhibition’s history. Instead of a year without Nor-Fishing, we now make sure that this is the year when the digital fisheries technology exhibition sees the light for the first time! We will mark the anniversary with exciting and delightful flashbacks from the 60 years that have passed, and program we will chat with central personalities from the history of the exhibition.

Professional and fisheries policy debates

We will keep our finger on the pulse of the industry with panel debates on important fisheries policy issues – as well as exciting professional lectures and seminars/webinars. The professional program is put together by a program committee consisting of representatives from SINTEF Ocean, NTNU and several trade organizations. The Student Day, which is arranged in collaboration with NTNU and BI, will also be conducted digitally.

Join us in the digital world!

We are very pleased to be able to offer our exhibitors and visitors a brand new and modern platform for trade and communication. We hope you join us on this journey!