Order your profiling package for Nor-Fishing 2024

Increase your exposure at the exhibition area with profile packages. Exhibitors can choose between three pacages.

Package 1

Information screens in the entrance hall (10 info screens with varying sizes)

We have several information screens in the entrance hall. Seize the opportunity to enhance your visibility in these high trafficked spots.

  • Package 1 includes 10 views of 5 seconds each hour, between 9am – 5pm, Tuesday-Thursday during the exhibition.
    Price: NOK 15 000 e.x. VAT

Package 2

Fence profiling at the entrances to Trondheim Spektrum

We have several fences along the entrances to the exhibition. The fences are 1,8 meters tall, and have a width of 3,5 meters. Here you can attract attention from the diverse crowd entering and moving through the entrance areas. 

  • Package 2 includes profiling on one side of the fence.
    Price: NOK 10 000 e.x. VAT for each fence.

Package 3

  • Package 3 includes profiling on both sides of the fence.
    Price: NOK 15 000 e.x. VAT for each fence.

Orders must be placed before August 9

Interested in our profiling packages? Log into the exhibitor portal and order.