Innovation Award

21 applications for this year’s Innovation Award

The Nor-Fishing Foundation has received 21 applications for this year’s Innovation Award in connection with Aqua Nor. The general management of Aqua Nor 2021, Kristian Digre and Kari Steinsbø, are very pleased with the result. The fact that the Foundation has reached potential applicants through its marketing efforts is also clear from the fact that the applications for this year’s Award come from as many as 12 nations: Norway, Denmark, England, Ireland, France, Portugal, Turkey, South Korea, Malaysia, Chile, USA and Canada / BC.

Despite the situation the world has been in over the past year, there is no shortage of good, innovative ideas. The applications that have been received are divided into many exciting subject areas.

The jury chooses 3 finalists by 15 June

The Jury will process all applications by 15 June and then submit its recommendation for the three finalist candidates for the Innovation Award 2021 to the Board of the Nor-Fishing Foundation. The names of the finalists will be announced at the end of June.

The winner will be announced at Aqua Nor 2021

The prize of NOK 100,000 will be awarded to the winner during the opening of Aqua Nor in August.

Aqua Nor 2021 will be a hybrid exhibition – meaning it will consist of a physical exhibition as we all know it from earlier years – as well as a digital version. The physical and digital version runs parallel to each other and complete each other in content and format – so that people from all over the world get the optimal Aqua Nor experience. The announcement of the winner winner will be presented at the exhibition for both physical and digital attendees – and create visibility for a large number of industry representatives.

About the Innovation Award

Companies or individuals from all over the world that supply equipment or services to the aquaculture industry can apply for the award, as is companies and individuals outside the industry. The award is given to the most innovative product or service for the industry.

The Foundation wishes to stimulate R&D activities in companies and among individuals. Consequently, research institutions are not considered to be eligible for this innovation award – however, cooperation with institutions such as for product testing is allowed.

Applicants must represent innovation that bring the industry, or parts of the industry, forward and leads to significant advantages for the environment, fish and ocean, fish health, safe of crew, facilities and vessels or gains in economy, efficient operations and market development. The level of innovation is important.

Feedback from previous winners shows that the Innovation Award has been an important motivator for innovation as well as inspirator for marketing towards the international aquaculture industry.

Patent application

If you have plans to apply for a patent, the patent application must be submitted before the technology is published at any exhibition, conference, magazine article or similar. Read more about this on the web page of the Norwegian Industrial Property Office.

In june, we will announce three candidates through a press release. The candidates will have the opportunity to approve the release in advance.